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The company VIRS d.o.o. is a specialised supplier of welding and cutting equipment. They cover the area of electroplate welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, and water-jet cutting. The technical and price levels are in the professional systems class. The systems they offer range from small portable MMA (electrode) welding sources to complex CNC cutting machines, robot welding systems, and systems for welding automation. Their product range is completed with suction filter systems and purpose-made welding tables. They strive to be a systematic partner for their buyers, which means not only selling the equipment but also participating in the selection of optimal equipment for their needs, solving technological problems in production, and caring for the uninterrupted and long operation of the systems supplied.


Smart specialization:

Machines, Robotics, Supporting industrial equipment

World references:

Bystronic, Cepro, Fanuc, Kemppi, Kjellberg Finsterwalde, Microstep, OPN, Q-Fin, Siegmund, Soyer, Teka, Weldas

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