VAR d.o.o.

VAR d.o.o.

Gregor Senekovič
RepresentativeGregor Senekovič


Since 1994 the company VAR d.o.o. has carried on the long-lasting tradition of toolmaking in Gornja Radgona, satisfying the demands of those who purchase tools and stamped products. Innovativeness, creativity, and adapting to the customer’s needs are their basic principles. In 1997, the toolmaking was upgraded with serial production and became a competent partner in the complete production process. The production of serial products based on their own tools is of strategic importance for the company. They are an export-oriented company that realises more than 90% of its income in the automotive industry. Their products are primarily installed in so-called premium class cars. They specialise in: the production of high-quality progressive tools, up to the size of 2,700 x 1,400mm. Tools are made in a way that ensures high productivity and a long lifetime. stamping of geometrically demanding products made of stainless and galvanised sheet metal and aluminium on eccentric presses (25–600t). Spot, projection, and MIG/MAG robot welding. Assembly. Surface processing of serial products (deburring, degreasing).   The company holds the ISO/IATF quality certificate in serial production and the ISO 9001 certificate in the tool repair workshop. Their production processes are handled with the SAP informational system.


Smart specialization:

Product development and production, Plastic and rubber, Metal, Machines, Tools

Existing markets:

Germany, Slovakia, Austria

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