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The company TRGOGRAD, d.o.o., from Litija was founded in 1992 as a small construction company filling a gap in the market, initially primarily in the local environment. Their dynamic approach and an ear for market impulses have made it possible for the company to grow throughout its history and try to offer the market the most complex solutions in the fields of construction, construction services, and building products, while lately, their awareness of environmental issues has led them to become involved in construction-waste processing. Until 2000, the company employed 25 people and built civil engineering and building constructions with their own machinery in the municipalities of Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji, and their near surroundings. In 2000, the company took a big step forward and started producing ready-mixed concrete when it built a temporary concrete mixing plant at Ljubljanska cesta in Litija. The trend of the company was to strengthen itself in all areas of operation and take its place that is based on knowledge, quality, and a fair approach to its customers. In 2003, the company was significantly strengthened with construction operations and was ready to take on larger and more demanding constructions. In 2003, they also moved their production of stone aggregate to the Kmetov pruh quarry, where a service facility was built in 2006 and thus the quarry also acquired the image of a true production facility. In 2008, the company’s success was visible primarily in the great complex in Zagorica pri Litiji, which included new business facilities, storage facilities, and the production of transport concrete, and after 2006 the production of numerous concrete products, too. In 2012, the company took another step forward and bought a plot in Ljubljana, in the industrial zone of Smodinovec na Brdu, and started dealing in the production, laying, and sale of asphalt mixtures. In 2013, a new asphalt base was built on the site. In 2012, the company acquired fresh strengths in the field of asphalting with two new teams and all the necessary heavy mechanisation for the laying of asphalt. Throughout its existence, the company has been constantly technologically updated and at the end of 2018, it employed 160 people.


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