MEGA M d.o.o.

MEGA M d.o.o.

Matej Meža
RepresentativeMatej Meža


The company Mega M d.o.o. is the IP and mobile operator, an internet access provider, cloud computing and advanced loyalty solutions provider. It specializes in providing superior telecommunication and information solutions for business users. The company was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Velenje, Slovenia. Branch offices are located in several countries of the EU and Asia. Employee education is the core element of the Career Development Program, which has been systematically and successfully implemented in the company for many years. The experience of Mega M with the introduction of modern solutions in informatics and telecommunications enables an excellent understanding of the customer’s concern for optimization of business processes, reduction of operational costs and the reclaim of investment costs. Business results are the result of our own development, close cooperation with educational and research institutions, and effective organizational structure.


Smart specialization:

Communication and designing solutions

Existing markets:

Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Serbia

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