United in Excellence

The Slovenian Business Club – SBC – brings together Slovenian entrepreneurs who began their career and achieved results by developing their ideas or by taking their family businesses further. We, members of the Slovenian Business Club, are socially responsible individuals who had no part in the plundering of socially owned assets in Slovenia during the privatisation. The criteria for joining the Club are stringent and members must abide by the rules. Members of the Club share the conviction that only a strong economy with sound foundations brings prosperity and allows entrepreneurial stories of success to flourish.

Members of the Slovenian Business Club strive for excellence in business, for adding high value, and for innovation. We strive to promote entrepreneurship and to present our vision for the economic development of Slovenia. As entrepreneurs, we work towards opening up new paths for exporting Slovenian products with significant added value and support the identity of Slovenian products abroad.

The Slovenian Business Club is an apolitical business interest group. We respond to economic measures of respective governments and propose solutions for improving the economic environment in the country.

Slovenian Business Club in figures

top-class club membership.
% sales growth 2019/2014.
% return on capital in 2019.
€ value added per employee in 2019.
% of the members have reached an excellent level of creditworthiness: rated as A, AA, AAA and Golden AAA. By comparison, only 24% of Slovenian enterprises have received this rating.
% members have received the Platinum AAA rating for three successive years. Among the enterprises with proven excellence in creditworthiness for three successive years, this rating signifies an exceptional level of creditworthiness. By way of comparison, only 1% of Slovenian enterprises receive the Platinum AAA rating for three consecutive years.

Source of information:Bisnode