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The company Transformacija d.o.o. has an enthusiastic, renowned, and growing team of developers of human and organisational potential, the beginnings of which go back to 2005. Experience in their work has taught them of the key importance for a company of leadership that knows and can efficiently bring the company to the required results. Since it is exactly this that is frequently lacking, they made it their mission to be that support with the fulfilment of the need for efficient and functioning leadership. They have developed their own approach and manners of working which offer support to leadership to bring their organisations to a more efficient, stable, and lasting operation. All their services—courses and competence training, coaching and counselling, and personnel and organisation metrics—are intended for the support of managers, other heads, and HR and sales experts with one sole purpose: to increase their capacity to reach the set goals.

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Miha Bavec


Stegne 23 a, 1000 Ljubljana


386 1 511 30 40