TENZOR d.o.o.

Company profile

In its 25 years of operation, the company TENZOR d.o.o. has positioned itself as an integrator of technical systems leading to the optimisation of work processes, prevention of theft, reduction of inventory deficiencies, and user experience improvement. They perform comprehensive advanced solutions in the planning and implementation of security systems for the protection of people and assets, intelligent transport systems – ITS, automatisation of buildings, hotel / wellness facilities management systems, and business intelligence and technological solutions for marketing. Their own development and project centre allow customers to have their solutions custom made, according to the specificity of the environment and the customer’s demands. The company is present on the markets of Russia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, and Ireland with their own development solutions. Solutions of their own development centre are: a thermoscanner – security check of transport vehicles, system for the recognition of registration plates, system for counting people, detector of the wrong direction of passage, a book machine, REMS platform (Retail Event Management System), iEMS platform (Industry Event Management System), FEMS platform (Fuel Event Management System), custom-made remote location control system, and a central control system (CNS, SCADA). The establishment of the Tenzor Group and thus other companies in the region in 2001 enabled the experience and knowledge to be transferred to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, and Serbia today. All members of the Group provide their customers with a “one-stop shop”, offering them everything from planning and design and installation and maintenance, to technical servicing and strong- and weak-current electroinstallation.

Member name:

Miran Senčar


Mariborska cesta 13, 2250 Ptuj


386 2 788 01 10