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MIK Celje is an internationally established manufacturer of top quality, energy-efficient and architecturally and aesthetically-perfect PVC, aluminum, wood-aluminum and wooden windows and front doors, whilst proudly boasting almost 30 years of tradition and having over 150,000 satisfied owners and users of MIK products. MIK Celje’s main mission is to provide better quality of living for our customers by installing windows and doors, which are the result of MIK’s own R&D, know-how and the production of almost 300 MIK employees and contractors. In addition to producing and installing windows and front doors, MIK Celje is also a recognized provider of comprehensive solutions for the modernization or new glazing of buildings and an excellent partner in the implementation of more demanding and larger construction projects by applying its own project planning solutions including large panoramic glazing, glass and ventilated façades.
Moreover, MIK Celje is recognized for its own R&D and know-how in the field of ventilation as it started producing high quality MIKrovent local ventilation systems, distinguished by high quality filters, which remove allergens and dangerous hard particles from indoor air. MIKrovent local ventilation systems are one of the most energy-efficient and effective local ventilation systems with a built-in heat exchanger, providing up to 95% of heat recovery in ventilated rooms with constant air exchange.
It is also MIK’s proud mission to act socially responsible by supporting club sports in Slovenia as a sponsor of the Handball Club Celje Pivovarna Laško for the past 20 years and by annually providing free holidays by the sea to 100 children from socially disadvantaged families as part of MIK’s project Caravan of Children’s Smiles, which has already enabled over 1,450 children to enjoy carefree holidays. An important aspect of being socially responsible is also raising public awareness on the importance of good quality of living, adopting healthy building methods and choosing windows and front doors wisely and, last but not least, the importance of proper ventilation for the health of every individual and the environment which they live in. Thus, an integral part of MIK’s socially responsible activities is the AIRless ERA campaign (www.airlessera.com).

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Franci Pliberšek


Celjska cesta 55, 3212 Vojnik


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